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Don't miss the final segment, Douche Detective, at Jared and Jordana take a letter from a listener asking about the right time to start posting pictures with a new partner. Are all guys weird when it comes to this topic? Jared and Jordana discuss their partying and drinking habits. When should you quit texting back?

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She likes his family, but does that have to mean her family sucks?

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After a tangent into how much Jordana loves tans a lot, but only natural a listener asks how to extend the vacation hook-up with a dude in Costa Rica. Another listener asks how to handle "the first fart" milestone in a relationship. This segues into a poem-letter a listener received that is decidedly Dahmer. A pretty boy writes in to ask why his constantly complimented looks aren't translating to catching more fish in the sea. Do they come off as desperate? They wrap up on some games including "would you rather date an extremely cheap person, or someone who spends insanely frivolously?

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